Moving to a New Workspace with the Best Office Removal Company Croydon

   Business operations and functions are always dynamic in nature. Downsizing, upsizing or venturing into new operations is very common for businesses. That is why, often, businesses need to move to a new space. Let’s be honest! Moving to a new workspace can be full of hassles if you want to take charge of the relocation work on your own. So, hire a reliable office removal company Croydon for relocation services.

   We are a professional office moving company Croydon, with infrastructure and workforce to manage different types and scales of relocation works. Besides, we have years of experience in the field, and we offer customised services to all our clients.

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We Ensure a Smooth Transition as Office Movers Croydon

   Packing all the essentials, moving and setting them in a new place may take a toll on your business operations and productivity if you are planning to do these on your own.  In other words, when you and your employees lose their productive hours for packing, moving, etc., your company will lose revenues. Besides, amateurish efforts can cause damage and loss of your essentials. So, what is the point of taking risks when our office moving service Croydon can ensure a smooth relocation from point A to B?

Proper Survey and Assessment are Keys to Successful Relocation Work

   As a commercial relocation Croydon company, we understand that the challenges and requirements in every relocation work are different. So, we prioritise surveys and assessments before getting started with any office relocation work. We have provisions for virtual or physical assessments according to your convenience. You can share photographs or videos of your workspace with us, or our crew members will visit your space.

   Further, we understand that the architectural features of every office setup will be different. There may be high stairs or slopes, making the task of packing and moving difficult for us. You do not have to worry as we have the amenities and infrastructure for handling different relocation works.

   As an office removal company Croydon, we try to complete every relocation work as soon as possible. We usually do the packing and moving works within the same day. However, depending on the scale and difficulties of the relocation work, we may take a few days and execute the task in several phases. We even make sure that the regular operations of your business are not hampered due to our relocation services. Also, if you need to evacuate your existing office space on an urgent basis, please let us know, and we will do the needful.

We Also Work on Weekends

   With years of experience in office relocation works, we understand that office owners want the relocation works to be done on weekends. It is natural as most corporate offices remain shut on weekends. So, we keep ourselves available on weekends for office relocation works. However, since usually, there is a surging demand for office relocation services on weekends, it will be better to book our services a little in advance to ensure availability.

A Personalised Coordinator Will Take Care of Your Relocation Needs

   Once you hire us and we understand your requirements, we will assign a personalised coordinator for you. He/she will take care of your relocation requirements. Besides, during the transportation phase, your coordinator will work as a link between you and our van drivers. He/she will keep both parties informed immediately if there are any last-minute changes in the plan.

With Us, You can Stay Assured of Safe Transportation

   With our full-fledged, and office furniture relocation services Croydon, you can stay assured of the safe transportation of your essentials. Our vans have advanced amenities like safety blankets, fastening belts, and additional mattresses for soft furnishing and fragile items. Also, our vans have GPS systems so that you know the status of your shipment in transit.

Moreover, our drivers are well-trained, and they have a thorough idea about the local routes in Croydon. So, they will take the safest and fastest route for the safe and fast relocation of your essentials.

   To avail of our services, you can give us a call or fill up our online form. We will get back to you immediately.